1402 Emil St Madison 53713

Am I Eligible?


WisCARES works with pet owners who are low income, or low income and homeless. We have two levels of access: Community clients and PLUS clients.

  • Community clients are pet owners who are on federal aid programs like SNAP benefits or SSI. We allow you to self certify! Please contact us to begin the qualification process. There is some cost associated with these appointments: click here for more information. Are you in need to veterinary services in order to stay in housing? Please bring us that documentation–we will offer those services needed to stay in housing free of charge.
  • PLUS Clients are experiencing housing instability or homelessness. PLUS clients receive further subsidized cost veterinary care–please click here for more information. Additionally, PLUS clients qualify for social work services like boarding and foster, pet food pantry, and other services. We allow self certification, and ask that you come in and talk to one of our staff to receive these services. You may qualify for access to our services if you:
    • Are currently experiencing homelessness (including: living in a motel, car, campground, shelter, on the street, or couch surfing).

Please note that, due to the overwhelming demand for our services, we are not able to provide discounted services like vaccinations and spays/neuters to clients established with other clinics. We are happy to refer to programs providing these services as needed.


In order to become a client of WisCARES, we need proof that you satisfy at least one of the above categories. The following are acceptable sources of proof:

  1. A written referral from a social service, homeless service, or healthcare provider. This referral can be found below.
  2. Self-certification that you are low income or fall under HHS definitions of homelessness.

Regardless, after contacting WisCARES, you will go through an interview-based questionnaire with one of our staff to determine qualification.

Qualification can be done in person at 1402 Emil St, Madison, WI 53713, during any of our hours, via email, or over the phone by calling 608-561-7387. Please note all calls are returned in the order they are received. The quickest way to qualify is to stop in person during our hours.

For Social Services Providers

Please note: we have changed our referral form! You can download, fill out, and print the following pdf to refer an individual to WisCARES. Social Work Referral PDF

You may send this form with a client to our open hours or email a copy of the form to us at wiscares@gmail.com.

For Veterinarians 

We now have veterinary referrals! If you have a client you believe should have access to WisCARES services, you can download, fill out, and print the following pdf: Veterinary Referral. Please note, clients must still contact us independently.