Am I Eligible?

WisCARES provides low cost veterinary care and social services for pet owners who have low income or are experiencing homelessness. If you’re interested in WisCARES, give us a call and leave a message or send us an email We will get back to you within 72 hours to determine what services you are eligible for.

We will do our best to schedule appointments in a timely manner. If your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian sooner, we are happy provide names and contact information for other veterinary clinics.


In order to become a client of WisCARES, we need proof that you satisfy at least one of the above categories. The following are acceptable sources of proof:

  1. A written referral note from a social service, homeless service, or healthcare provider.
  2. Self-certification that you are low income or experiencing homelessness.

Regardless, after contacting WisCARES, you will go through an interview-based questionnaire with one of our staff to determine qualification.

Qualification can be done in person at 1402 Emil St, Madison, WI 53713, during any of our hoursvia email, or over the phone by calling 608-262-3950. Please note all calls are returned in the order they are received.

For Social Services Providers and Veterinarians

If you have a client you believe should have access to WisCARES services, have them call or email us to go through our qualification process.  Once they are an established client, we can find an appointment time for their pet to establish care.

Many of our clients work closely with other veterinarians in the community.  If you have a client who may need assistance with certain services, we are happy to work with you to determine what services each of us will provide and we will be dedicated to maintaining an open dialogue with you.