We believe that everyone deserves the ability to take care of their pets.

We believe that financial struggle and homelessness does not mean that you should not have a pet.

We believe in educating our future providers in how to help clients with complicated needs and their pets.

WisCARES is Madison’s south-side veterinary clinic and social service agency for low-income and homeless pet owners.

Check out if you qualify, make an appointment, look into our social services, or give us a call/stop in. We look forward to working with you.

Spring cleaning? Getting rid of pet supplies? Think of us! We would love some cat trees to give away to clients—they can be incredibly important for folks who have bored/behaviorally challenging kitties. We take other gently used pet supplies too—leashes, collars, toys...you name it! We’re always short on sturdy dog toys, too. ...

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No walk-ins tomorrow! Due to a slight vet shortage, we’ll be holding off on walk-in veterinary appointments tomorrow. We’ll still be here for supplies, questions, and social services, but please wait on bringing in your critters until Friday.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you!

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A WisCARES tee-shirt in the wild! We don’t see a lot of these at the clinic but we’re definitely pro-baby-goat 🙂 ...

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Holy mackerel! We opened shop at the Emil St location a year ago! It’s been a wild, fun, exhilarating year full of laughter, tears, and learning. Thank you to each and every client, patient, staff member, volunteer, and student who has made this place special and kept us running. Here’s to many more! ...

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