1402 Emil St Madison 53713 (4, 40, and 47 Madison Metro bus routes)

About our Pet Care Clinic

WisCARES has clinics on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Clinics are by pre-scheduled appointment and are run by a combination of licensed veterinarian and veterinary students. We always have a licensed veterinarian see your pet, even if a student is managing the case. WisCARES currently offers exams, core vaccines, flea and tick preventative, spay and neuter services, laboratory testing, and medications. We have an ultrasound and x-ray machine. We can handle both healthy and sick pet needs–if you’re wondering if we can help, just call and ask!

We provide most veterinary services by pre-scheduled appointments. Feel free to stop in for supplies whenever we are open. We do not require your pet to be spayed or neutered to access services. We allow you to self-certify for care and are experienced at offering compassionate and comprehensive care to you and your pet.

Please note that we do not offer emergency services, but we will do what we can to help out with urgent services. If you’re not sure if we can help your pet, please do call–we’re happy to answer questions and direct you elsewhere.

If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency that we can’t help with, or we are closed, please contact one of the emergency clinics below:

UW Veterinary Care: (Campus location) | 608-263-7600
Veterinary Emergency Service: (Madison East, Middleton, and Janesville) | 608-831-1101