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PLUS Clients

PLUS clients qualify as low-income and homeless. Clients receive subsidized-cost veterinary care services, as well as social services. Unsure if you qualify? Read more here.

What is a PLUS client?

A WisCARES PLUS client has access to futher subsidized-cost veterinary care services and social work services. Some examples of veterinary costs include:

  • $0 exam fee
  • $0 core vaccines (rabies, FVRCP, distemper)
  • $5 4DX testing (Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma)
  • Free flea/tick and heartworm control
  • Surgical Services:
    • Feline neuter: $10
    • Feline spay: $25
    • Canine neuter: $25
    • Canine spay: $50
    • Dental: $100-170

Additionally, we have a pet food pantry for supplies.

Why should we come to WisCARES?

  • WisCARES is experienced at offering compassionate veterinary care while also being aware of how limited our clients’ budgets can be. We do our best to offer stellar, affordable care.
  • You are helping to train the next generation of veterinarians, pharmacists, and social workers! Students are extremely important to WisCARES–we function not only to offer veterinary and social services, but to teach students from the UW.

Becoming a PLUS client allows you to also access our social services.