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Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to share our story! The more people hear about WisCARES, the more animals and humans we can help.

Barajas, who has experienced homelessness in the past, says that if it came down to it, as is the case for many WisCARES clients, she would rather be homeless again than lose her dog China. “She’s a family member, not just a dog,” Barajas says. 
In addition to veterinary medical care, WisCARES offers a pet food and supply pantry, stocked by donations, with items ranging from foods and safe toys, to collars and harnesses, carriers and crates. The items not only support pet nutrition, they also aid healthy animal behavior. Combined with training resources provided by the clinic, this helps ensure pets don’t pose an extra risk for eviction or a barrier for leasing.


MaGee and her son decided to move out of a Madison apartment complex a few years ago when she said it became too dangerous. Now they live with two dogs. She says one dog, Kane, also acts as as a support dog for her son and it protects both of them.
“When you sleep on the streets, he protects us, he really did protect us, if somebody comes to the car he going to make sure they don’t get in there,” MaGee said.
MaGee couldn’t bare with parting with either of her dogs, and WisCARES helps her keep them.