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Friends of WisCARES

Friends of WisCARES!

The 501c3 organization Friends of the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Teaching Program, Inc, is now doing business as the Friends of WisCARES!

The goal of the Friends of WisCARES is to provide financial support to WisCARES as that program works towards the goals of: 1) relocating into a larger facility in order to provide more robust care and boarding options; 2) hiring veterinarians and veterinary technicians as full time employees of WisCARES; 3) offering a fourth year veterinary medical student clinical rotation; 4) increasing the health professional schools and programs involved in providing services through WisCARES.

The elected officers of the board of the Friends of WisCARES are:

Ruthanne Chun, President

Dale Bjorling, Secretary

Jane Clark, Treasurer

Mark Markel, ex-officio


Other board members include:

Bernard C. Easterday

Laurie Peek

Judith Rubins


Check back for more information soon!