1402 Emil St Madison 53713 (4, 40, and 47 Madison Metro bus routes)

Contact WisCARES!

  • Email: wiscares@gmail.com
  • Phone: (608) 561-7387  –Please leave a detailed message if your call is not answered. If you do not hear from us by our next open day, please feel free to call back!
  • Address: 1402 Emil St, Madison, WI, 53713
  • Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm

Does your animal require immediate attention and WisCARES is closed?

If so, please contact one of the local emergency clinics. WisCARES does not provide emergency veterinary medical care. Some options in the area are:

UW Veterinary Care: (Campus location) | 608-263-7600
Veterinary Emergency Service: (Madison East, Middleton, and Janesville) | 608-831-1101

What is a veterinary emergency?

Please note our program does NOT have agreements with these clinics to cover the cost of appointments or emergency veterinary care. If you are concerned you should still call them – you will be able to reliably reach a veterinary medical professional to talk you through your concern. If your pet does need to go in, there are programs that can be used to help cover the cost of emergency care. Please visit the resources tab for further information.

Are you experiencing a Housing Crisis?

Contact the housing intake line at 855-510-2323. For more information click here