1402 Emil St Madison 53713 (4, 40, and 47 Madison Metro bus routes)

Boarding and Fostering

WisCARES’ foster and boarding program provides a temporary, safe place for pets to stay when their owners are experiencing homelessness or receiving in-patient medical or mental health treatment. You must qualify as a WisCARES client to access this program.

The program does NOT provide immediate emergency services or help with more typical boarding needs, such as traveling out of town.

Foster Care

We can provide up to 90 days of care off-site in a volunteer’s home. Your pet may go into short term boarding while a foster placement is being prepared, or they may be able to go directly to a foster home. Foster is available for cats, dogs, and critters (small animals, reptiles, birds, etc).

We can provide up to 2 weeks stay in an on-site kennel at our clinic. Boarding is only available for cats.

Process For Program Entry:

  1. The first step is to contact the clinic to complete client qualification and fill out a boarding and foster program application. This paperwork can also be completed by a caseworker or someone with power of attorney on the client’s behalf.
  2. Each pet that is being considered for placement must receive a wellness exam at our clinic. A veterinarian will determine if they are medically and behaviorally able to enter the program, and up to date on their vaccines. We can administer any needed vaccines during this exam. Pets may be required to be spayed or neutered to enter the program.
  3. Finally, acceptance into the program is dependent on availability of an appropriate foster home or on-site boarding space.

Although we wish we had enough room to help everyone who asks, we can only accept animals into the program when we have space available. Here are a few suggestions for where else to look if we’re full: