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Become A Foster Family!

Foster Homes Are Needed! Can you help?

What is foster pet care?

Foster care involves taking care of someone else’s pet for a short time.  One of our goals is to help people keep the pets they love. We provide foster care for the pets of our clients until they are able to live together again.  We look for people who love animals and want to help people who are in a difficult situation.  We need homes where the pets will be safe and well cared for.

What is involved in foster pet care?

The main role of a foster family is to provide a safe, loving home to a pet for a short time.  Many of our clients want to know how their pets are doing in foster care, and occasionally ask to visit with their pets—a service WisCARES will arrange and transport for.  WisCARES asks for updates on the pets in foster care to pass on to their owners.  In the case of an emergency, a foster pet care provider would need to take the animal to an emergency clinic (at our expense).

What types of pet(s) are placed in foster care?

Mainly adult cats and dogs.  Placement is based on the type of animal someone would like to foster.

How long do pets stay in foster care?

The length of time in foster care varies depending on the circumstances of the pet owner.  The longest length of time is 90 days–we ask for a 90 day commitment from our foster homes.

Will I meet the owners of the pet(s)?

Foster families and pet owners will not meet each other. Pet owners and foster providers will not be given each other’s information.

Is there a cost in taking care of foster pet(s)?

No! WisCARES provides food, cat litter, necessary supplies like dog kennels and toys, and medication such as flea/tick and heartworm preventative.  Foster pets will be up to date on vaccinations before being placed in a home.  Foster families are not responsible for veterinary bills, including emergency medical care.

Will I be paid for taking care of pet(s)?

Foster pet care is a volunteer position. Thank you for your help!

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