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Welcome to WisCARES

Wisconsin Companion Animal Resources, Education, and Social Services (WisCARES) is an outreach partnership at the University of Wisconsin that provides basic veterinary medical care, housing support and advocacy, and other support services to Dane County pet owners who are currently experiencing or are at risk of homelessness, as well as those who are unable to pay for veterinary medical services needed for access to housing. Please choose from the menus up top for more information.

Mission Statement

We protect the human-animal bond within vulnerable populations through provision of veterinary medical and social services, increasing access to human health services, and providing education, social support, and community space. We do this using a one-health framework that acknowledges and leverages the relationship between people, pets, and communities. We provide quality training and research opportunities for students of participating disciplines, promoting interdisciplinary relationships and collaboration.

Vision Statement

A Dane County where all pets and all families have equal and consistent access to veterinary medical care, social support, and human health services.